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What is helps doctors who are caught in the middle of the generic, advertising based review website businesses, to protect, enhance and benefit from their good name! We understand the power of online reviews in influencing buying decisions. We also realize doctors do not have the time to become reputation managers. So we do the work, as outlined below, for the doctors who we choose to have as our clients.

Who qualifies to be featured on

  1. You have to be a board certified doctor or dentist in good standing in your respective practice area.
  2. You have to maintain a good standing among your peers and patients. We are not here to make doctors who are not patient-focused, and comply with the certification bodies, look good.
  3. So before we take you on as a client we will review your standing, using online tools available to us.

Why doctors like working with

  1. features positive reviews from the popular review sites.
  2. Patients can submit reviews easily without jumping through hoops while reserving their right to privacy by using a nick name.
  3. You can easily benefit from your profile as part of your overall marketing while encouraging your patients to submit reviews via your newsletter, facebook and website etc.
  4. As you will get to see the reviews before they go live, you will also get an opportunity to make unhappy patients happy!
  5. You have a team working on your reputation on your behalf. This team will send you a monthly report with stats and activities.
  6. The team will work on optimizing your page for search engines. Over time, this page will show up when patients are searching for your practice, or for you.
  7. You can proudly link to your page from your website without worrying about losing patients to competitors featured on other review sites.
  8. Your profile page will only have links to other pages on your website and will look like your website!
  9. does not and will not make money from advertising. So has no reason to promote other doctors on your profile.